Simplifying Construction Waste Removal – Things to Consider When Preparing Your Next Load

So, you’ve started a construction project only to realise you’ve skimped on giving adequate thought on what to do with your mountainous pile of scrap building materials.  

Scratching your head while gazing reluctantly into it, you’re now pondering solutions for a safe, hassle-free collection. But where to begin?

Where do I find the time to remove this rubble heap? What’s the most efficient way?

Let’s delve into three important things site managers overlook regarding waste removal and explore DeliverTrade’s faster, more convenient collection method minus the headaches.

Accurately estimating your load

Calculating construction waste quantities as works unfold is oftentimes nothing short of a nightmare. Although you’ll have rough estimates of expected waste amounts, it’s crucial to arrange a removal option capable of collecting those volumes.

Choosing an appropriate removal method is a great starting point. Perhaps a skip bin, skip trailer, or another rubbish collection service is required? You may even need to find one accredited to transport bulk, dangerous or specialised waste categories.

A decent rule of thumb is to generate an estimate than add at least 50% extra capacity onto what you presume you’ll require. Ordering a correctly sized skip bin off the bat saves you a tonne of time, money and stress at the back end of a project.

Waste stream contamination

Mixing waste types creates potential for unnecessary health and environmental hazards.

Dangerous construction waste including toxic materials and other problematic objects are often hidden amongst rubbish mounds or illegally dumped due to their challenging nature.

It’s important to consider the processes designed to safely discard certain waste types, ensuring proper and designated bins or containers are ordered accordingly.

Hefty fines can also be imposed on both companies and individuals for failing to recognise and implement appropriate waste disposal solutions.

DeliverTrade can help site supervisors source quick, cost-effective solutions for all types of waste removal and industry-related services.

Selecting a suitable hire period

Attempting to save pennies by slashing skip bin hire periods might only thin-out your wallet later on. You wouldn’t be the first site manager to underestimate how long it will take to have your project finalised and load organised ready for pickup.

Most skip bin providers offer delivery, collection and transportation services to suit construction project requirements of all scales.

Always opt for a longer hire period as forking out the extra cash initially is worth avoiding the likely complications you’ll have regarding rehiring, service availability and scheduling issues. 

Ordering a Skip Bin with DeliverTrade

Ready to hook into your next clean-up? DeliverTrade has the solution!   Simply download our app and create an account in minutes to start surfing our extensive supplier network.   Booking a skip bin to be Delivered on Demand is as easy as following these steps:   Login to your account and browse our skip bin suppliers.Request a delivery, selecting a preferred date and time.That’s it! Sit back and await your skip bin.    

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