Yard Force Chainsaw 51.7cc 18" EU5

Yard Force

Yard Force Chainsaw 51.7cc 18" EU5
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The Yard Force Chainsaw 51.7cc 18" EU5 is an easy to start chainsaw with a powerful 51.7cc full crank engine which allows you to cut greenery and debris with confidence. It is extremely lightweight and compact in design, ensuring you can cut with ease and also transport and store it when not in use. The anti-vibration system also means that your hands won't tire as quickly when cutting, ensuring improved comfort with use. The 18" Oregon bar and chain features low kickback whilst retaining maximum performance, meaning it can be used under pressure with ease. This chainsaw is EU5 emissions compliant and has a maximum speed of 11,000RPM.Powerful 51.7cc full crank engine which is easy to start|EU5 emissions compliant|Lightweight and compact, this chainsaw is easy to use, transport and store|Anti-vibration system ensures comfort and stability when in use|18" Oregon bar and chain balances maximum performance with a low kickback


51cc Engine full crank engine.| 18" Oregon Bar and Chain.| Max speed 11,000RPM.| Anti-vibration system.

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