Weldclass Plantinum GL-11 Gasless Wire 0.8mm


Weldclass Plantinum GL-11 Gasless Wire 0.8mm
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Rated by Thousands of Aussie Fabricators as Australia's No.1 Gasless Welding Wire.| Ultra-Smooth Arc with Minimal Spatter.| Suitable for All-Positional, Single and Multi-Pass Welds.| Vacuum Foil-Sealed Spool, for Exceptional Storage Life in All Conditions.| Ideal for welding mild & galvanized (Gal) steels.| Easy to use, even on steel that is moderately rusty, dirty or painted.| Ideal for portable use no gas required.| Ideal for outdoor or onsite use and welding in windy conditions.| Suitable for all welding positions.


200mm 4.5kg Spool 0.8mm.| Premium E71T-11 Industrial Grade.| Layer wound for smooth wire feeding and reduced spatter.| AWS Classification A5.20 E71T-11.

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