Trio Hardaz Retaining Wall Corner Post 88 x 750mm

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For 75mm Timber Sleepers.| Heavy duty galvanised steel for longer life.| No fastening required.| DIY friendly HARDAZ Retaining Systems provide a simple and easy solution for creating solid timber retaining walls.| Each retaining post ensures a tight and secure fit for each sleeper, with no packing or fastening required.| All HARDAZ Retaining Systems products are made from galvanised steel, to guarantee long-life durability and strength.| A recess in each post allows for adjustment to ensure you get the perfect fit every time and to compensate for future timber movement and shrinkage.| The Hardaz range suits both 50mm and 75mm wide sleepers and is versatile enough to build walls from one to five sleepers high.


No fastening required.| For 75mm Timber Sleepers.| Galvanised Steel for longer life.| DIY friendly.| Please be aware that this item is not available for online purchases in WA at this time. Contact your local store for stock availability.

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