Sutton Holesaw Arbor W. Hss Pilot Bit - Suits 32-54mm Holesaws

Sutton Holesaw Arbor W. Hss Pilot Bit - Suits 32-54mm Holesaws

Sold By: Provans Mitre 10


Product Details

The SUTTON® UA2 Holesaw Arbor with HSS Pilot Bit supports the SUTTON® H125 Series Bi-Metal-Cobalt Holesaw Range and the SUTTON® H127 Series TCT Multi-Purpose Holesaw Range. With its international standard thread (5/8" x 18 UNF), it can also be used with other types of holesaws (32-54 mm). Features Standard Thread Pattern - Made to international standard to fit all holesaws (32-54 mm), Hex-Shank - Provides stronger torque and no slippage in drill chuck, Made from Tool Steel - Hardened for longer life, Specifications Thread: 5/8" x 18 UNF, Shank: 11/32" Hex, For use with SUTTON® Holesaws, H125 Series - Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaws - Suits 32-54 mm, H127 Series - TCT Multi-Purpose Holesaws - Suits 32-54 mm, SUTTON® Pilot Drill Bits, H112BD24 - 1/4" x 82 mm HSS Pilot Drill Bit, H112BD26 - 1/4" x 104 mm HSS Pilot Drill Bit,

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