Sutton 8.5 X 117mm Hss-Tiain Jobber Drill Bit For Stainless - Inox


Sutton 8.5 X 117mm Hss-Tiain Jobber Drill Bit For Stainless - Inox
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SUTTON TOOLS® D185-Series INOX Jobber Drill Bits are an industrial quality drilling solution specially designed for superior performance in stainless steel. Tailored to overcome the difficult-to-machine material properties of stainless steel, Inox drill bits have a fast spiral, short flute and unique stepped core design providing a smooth and effortless cutting action never before seen. For added wear resistance, these drill bits feature the latest generation Futura Nano PVD coated tip. INOX Jobber Drill Bits have been independently tested to achieve 70% more tool life in stainless steel compared to standard drill bits. Features Specialised design achieves 70% more life in stainless steel than standard drill bits, Futura Nano PVD Coated Tip - For ultimate wear resistance, Short Flute with Fast Spiral - For maximum rigidity & swarf control, Unique Point and Stepped Core - Designed for superb penetration and minimal work hardening, Made from M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) - Offering the best combination of strength, heat & wear resistance, Specifications Diameter: 8.5 mm, Working Length: 51 mm, Overall Length: 117 mm, Point Angle: 135°, Helix Angle: R40, Point Tolerance: h8, Point Form: Form A, Material: HSS, Finish: TiAIN (Titanium Aluminium Nitride),

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