Sutton 4.0 X 73MM 1/4-HEX Quick-Change HSS Jobber Drill Bit- Supabit


Sutton 4.0 X 73MM 1/4-HEX Quick-Change HSS Jobber Drill Bit- Supabit
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SUTTON TOOLS D183-Series SUPABIT HSS Jobber Drill Bits are developed for use with the high torque output of modern impact drivers but can also be used in drill/drivers either with or without a quick-change bit holder. SUPABIT Drill Bits are suitable for general purpose use in metal, timber and plastics.


- 1/4" Hex Shank - Suitable for use in impact drivers - Special Point and Parabolic Flute - Provides 3X faster penetration than standard bits - Battery Saving Technology - For 50% more holes per battery charge than standard drill bits - Made from M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) - Offering the best combination of strength, heat & wear resistance - Bright Finish - For general purpose applications, non-ferrous metals & plastics

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