Spear & Jackson Post Hole Trade Shovel Long Oak Handle

Spear & Jackson Post Hole Trade Shovel Long Oak Handle

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Post hole shovels are ideal for digging straight sided, vertical trenches in loam and clay soils for posts, pipework or foundations.| The Trade Oak range incorporates genuine Oak handles with heavy duty carbon steels heads and a crimped reinforcement ring at the socket where head and shaft meet.| This range has been tested and certified to withstand 130kg+ of force on the handle without damage.| The genuine Oak handle is sculptured to ergonomically fit the hand for comfort, reducing fatigue during long digging sessions.| Spear & Jackson Trade Oak digging tools are designed for the tradesperson providing trouble free use day in, day out.| Hammertone powder coat finish for corrosion protection.| FSC certified oak shaft.Lifetime warranty.


Trade quality.| 40mm reinforced steel collar.| High grade carbon steel.| Pressure tested to withstand 130kg + of down force.

Care Instructions

Long Handled Shovels are not designed for prying rocks, tree stumps or root balls of shrubs from the ground. Excessive force on the handle, with the shovel head buried firmly under a rock or root, will risk splintering the handle. Warranty claims will not be entertained for damage which is clearly misuse or abuse.

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