Scotts Lawn Builder Grub & Insect Control 2.5kg

Scotts Lawn Builder Grub & Insect Control 2.5kg

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Suitable for all lawns.| Controls armyworm, black ant, billbug, stem weevil and a host of other insects that may inhabit lawns from time to time.| Slow, continuous feeding for three months.| Will not burn when used according to the label directions.| No surge growth means less mowing.| Deeper roots and stronger plants.| Thickens lawns to prevent weeds.| Superior results compared to traditional lawn fertilisers.


Suitable for all lawn types.| Controls armyworms, black beetles & other lawn 'invaders'.| Slow release fertilisers that feeds for 3 months.| Contains bifenthrin, a low risk, new technology insecticide.

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