Scotch-Mount Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape 254mm x 3.18m

Scotch-Mount Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape 254mm x 3.18m

Sold By: Provans Mitre 10


Product Details

Scotch™ Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape is ideal for painted surfaces and allows you to quickly and easily beautify and organise your space. Whether you’re creating a gallery wall or affixing the family chore chart, this permanent double-sided foam tape delivers a strong bond every time because of its 3M™ industrial strength adhesive. Your work is up and ready to admire in 30 seconds flat – no nails or hammer needed. Never let how you’re going to hang it get in the way of your creativity with the powerful adhesion of Scotch™ Indoor Double- Sided Mounting Tape.


Ideal for Painted Surfaces| Intended for indoor use - Delivers a strong, permanent bond on contact| Designed For: Painted Drywall, Finished Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Tile and Glass| Easy-to-apply design with no mess or tools. Use instead of nails and screws| Great for do-it-yourself projects

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