Scotch Gripping Pads Brown 38mm - 8 Pack

Scotch Gripping Pads Brown 38mm - 8 Pack

Sold By: Provans Mitre 10


Product Details

Kick up your feet without having to chase your ottoman with the stabilizing power of Scotch™ Gripping Pads.| Designed to keep your furniture in place, these furniture grippers are equipped with powerful adhesive and superb traction for reliable, long-lasting use.| So whether you need to ensure your table lamp stays put, or you'd like to keep your washing machine from dancing away, rely on the strong, no-slip hold of Scotch™ Gripping Pads.| Textured pads deliver reliable traction.


Non-slip, helps keep furniture in place.| Great for hard surfaces and ideal for furniture that sit on finished surfaces.| Helps stabilize appliances on floors and tabletops.

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