Ratsak Pellets Double Strength 2.5kg

Ratsak Pellets Double Strength 2.5kg

Sold By: Provans Mitre 10


Product Details

Ratsak 2.5kg Double Strength Bait Station kills rats and mice after feeding on the pellets, working for up to two weeks. The pellets contain a lethal dose of warfarin, an anti-coagulant that is effective for the control of rats and mice. Rodents must feed over a number of days in order to ingest a lethal dose.Ratsak 2.5kg Double Strength Bait Station is an easy, ready to use bait station. Just open the box and place it where rodent activity is evident.


Comes in an easy to use bait station – no need to touch the bait| Contains a bittering agent to help prevent accidental consumption by children and pets| Lower risk of poisoning of non-target animals.| Original, trusted formula| For best results, check bait stations every 1-2 days and top up as necessary.

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