Ratsak Naturals Rodent Bait Pellets 224g

Ratsak Naturals Rodent Bait Pellets 224g

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Product Details

RATSAK NATURALS^ Rodenticide Bait Pellets is a specially formulated rodenticide bait that is based upon natural ingredients. The bait pellet quickly and effectively kills both rats and mice, yet is safe for use non-target animals such as livestock, dogs, cats and birds when used as directed. RATSAK® NATURALS is a rodent bait that kills rats and mice by causing them to dehydrate. Rats and mice have stomach sensors that tells them when they are thirsty. When they eat the bait it coats the lining of their gut, covering the ‘fine hairs’ or villi – which disrupts the message system to the rodents brain causing them to stop drinking, as the stomach sensors are effectively ‘switched off’. These stomach sensors are unique to rats and mice, and rodents cannot vomit, so once they consume the bait they will die within 4-7 days when used correctly and as per instructions. The bait is multi-feed and requires the rodent to consume the bait for 2-5 days. For effective control ensure all other food sources are removed, and keep bait dry.The dehydration process has an added benefit where due to the elimination of body fluids, it removes the presence of flies and maggots in the dead rodent.^Based upon natural ingredients


Based upon natural ingredients| Kills both rats & mice| Safe for use around livestock, dogs, cats, birds & wildlife when used as directed| Easy to use Bait Station| Product is non toxic to people when used according to instructions

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