Ramset WallMate Stud Solver With Screws 20kg - 4 Pack

Ramset WallMate Stud Solver With Screws 20kg - 4 Pack

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Quick and easy installation.|Effective drill point for easy penetration of plasterboard. Splits and spreads for added hold.|Low-profile head allows for flush fixing.|Easy to remove without losing any part of the anchor inside the wall cavity.|Installs with a basic #2 Phillips head screwdriver.


Quick and easy to install with nothing but a #2 Phillips Head screwdriver, this cavity wall anchor has a flush finish and positive grip, and can be easily removed without losing the anchor inside the cavity. Its special point will penetrate softwood wall studs, if encountered, so the same anchor can be used in almost all applications.

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