Pro Quip Plastic Jerry Can 20L

Pro Quip Plastic Jerry Can 20L

Sold By: Provans Mitre 10


Product Details

Fast pour design allows 20L of fuel to be emptied in 55 seconds.| Internally stored flexible pourer to keep components clean and safe.| Separate breather outlet and cap for zero glug pouring.| Stopper nipple for storage of stopper during use.| UV treated HDPE construction.| Australian made and AS2906:2001 approved.


Ideal for storage of up to 20L of unleaded fuel.| 16.5kg weight when filled to nominal capacity with unleaded fuel.| Upright military design to fit standard jerry can holders.| Replacement parts available.

Care Instructions

To be stored upright in a Pro Quip Holder during transport Service life 5 years

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