Pro Quip Olive Metal Jerry Can 20L

Pro Quip Olive Metal Jerry Can 20L

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Ideal for storage of up to 20L of Diesel.| Empties 20L of diesel in 60 seconds when used with Pro Quip Flexible Diesel Pourer part 23300.| 20.5KG weight when filled to nominal capacity with Diesel.| Can be stored in any orientation without leaking.| Replaceable seal for longer service life.| Upright Design to fit standard Jerry Can Holders.| Internally lined to prevent rust from condensation, suitable for all pump fuels.| Powder coated externally for corrosion resistance.| Triple handle for easy carriage.| AS2906:2001 Approved, BAM Certified for Defence Force requirements.| Made in Latvia.


Patented Locking Pin in bayonet cap.| AFAC colour code compliant for storage of Diesel.| Certified to UN regulations for transport of dangerous good by Road, Rail, Sea and Air.| 0.9mm European Steel Construction.

Care Instructions

To be stored in a Pro Quip Holder during transport Service life 20 years

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