Pro Quip Flexible Super Can Pourer - Unleaded

Pro Quip Flexible Super Can Pourer - Unleaded

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Allowing a full 20 litres to be emptied in under two minutes.| The pouring spout is 35cm long and fully flexible, making the job of pouring into a vehicle tank relatively simple.| The specially designed tip is the exact size required to open the flap within unleaded vehicle filler openings.| Always keep the breathing hole upright when using this pourer.


35cm Flexible pouring tube with screw thread fitment for Pro Quip super cans only.| 20mm Tip end suitable for unleaded vehicle opening.| Allows 20L to empty in under 2 minutes.| Internal filter included.

Care Instructions

Keep clean and store in a dry area

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