P&N Quickbits 5/64Inch Hinge Installation Drill Bit - Hinge Mate


P&N Quickbits 5/64Inch Hinge Installation Drill Bit - Hinge Mate
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P&N® QUICKBITS HINGE MATE Hinge Installation Bits are the ideal accessory for drilling exact pilot holes for cabinet door hinges and door frames/butts. QUICKBITS HINGE MATE Bits features a bevelled nosepiece which self-centers into the hardware's countersink. When the user applies pressure, the nosepiece retracts allowing the bit to drill a perfectly centered pilot hole. The P&N® QUICKBITS range has been specifically developed to provide quick accessory changeover in 1/4"-Hex Quick-Change Tool Holders which ultimately improves productivity. Features 1/4"-Hex Shank - Suits Quick-Change Holders, Spring Loaded Bevelled Nose Piece - Centers into countersink on hinges/hardware to provide accurate pilot hole, Made from M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) - Offers the best combination of strength, heat and wear resistance , Specifications Diameter: 5/64" (1.98 mm), Suits Screw Sizes: 3G & 4G, Shank: 1/4"-Hex - With Power Groove,

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