Otter Treated Pine Countersunk Head Phillips Drive - Galvanised Screw 10g x 75mm - 1000 Pack

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Easy to use, can be applied using a No.2 Phillips screwdriver or No.2 Phillips bit in a power tool. Has a countersunk ribbed head that is self embedding and can be driven flush with timber surface or countersunk below the surface. Generally used where the finish/appearance is a primary concern. Mechanical zinc coating provides corrosion resistance for external applications in treated timbers other than decking. APPLICATION: Light duty framing, trellis, slatting, garden boxes, flower boxes, fresh cement sheet, General purpose fixing timber to timber END USER: Builder, Carpenter, Landscapers, Gardeners, DIYers FEATURES: Cold forged and roll formed, countersunk head with nibs, coarse thread running 2/3 of shank length made from hardened wire and mechanically galvanised

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