Naleon Ultimate Towel Rail 60cm

Naleon Ultimate Towel Rail 60cm

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

10 Year Anti-Rust Guarantee.| Holds Up To 20kg.| Advanced Suction Technology.| Holds up to 10kg securely on all non-porous surfaces including tiles, mirrors, metals, plastics and much more.Please note to mount the product on a porous surface e.g. Plaster or Timber, please purchase the Naleon adhesive mounting disc.


Stainless Steel.| Easy To Install And Remove.| Mounts To Smooth Non-Porous Surfaces.

Care Instructions

Surface and rubber base must be clean and dry before installation. Install the suction unit onto the product. Before installation make sure the rubber base is flat. Loosen the knob until the rubber base is flat by turning counter-clockwise. Position the product onto the surface and press the knob lightly to release air. Press the cap onto the wall firmly. Whilst maintaining pressure, turn the knob clockwise until completely tight.

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