Milwaukee 65mm Reciprocating Saw Blade For Plasterboard Cutting - Drywall Access


Milwaukee 65mm Reciprocating Saw Blade For Plasterboard Cutting - Drywall Access
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MILWAUKEE® revolutionized the power tool industry in 1951 when they released the SAWZALL®, the first portable electric saw with a reciprocating mechanism. The SAWZALL® and more recent HACKZALL® are both still defining MILWAUKEE® tools to this day. Both of these tools are supported by a full line of SAWZALL® blades for cutting all types of materials. Product Description The Drywall Access SAWZALL® blade has been engineered to specifically address the frustrations encountered when doing plumbing and electrical service work behind installed drywall The new Drywall Access blade is only 65 mm (2-1/2'') long, optimized to cleanly cut through up to 16 mm (5/8'') drywall but avoid damage to pipe and wire behind the wall The blade's unique multi-directional tooth design allows the user to cut in all directions, for maximum finesse in small diameter cutting. All MILWAUKEE® SAWZALL® Blades are proudly Made in the USA. Specifications Blade Length: 65 mm (2-1/2"), Includes 1 x Blade,

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