Milwaukee 230mm 5Tpi Tct Reciprocating Saw Blade For Wood/Nail Demolition - The Ax


Milwaukee 230mm 5Tpi Tct Reciprocating Saw Blade For Wood/Nail Demolition - The Ax
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MILWAUKEE® revolutionized the power tool industry in 1951 when they released the SAWZALL®, the first portable electric saw with a reciprocating mechanism. The SAWZALL® and more recent HACKZALL® are both still defining MILWAUKEE® tools to this day. Both of these tools are supported by a full line of SAWZALL® blades for cutting all types of materials. Product Description MILWAUKEE® continues to deliver game-changing blade solutions with the introduction of The AX™ with Carbide Teeth SAWZALL® Blade. Engineered to deliver long life in the toughest applications, these new blades will deliver up to 30X longer life and 2X faster cutting compared to standard bi-metal blades. When it comes to extreme cutting applications and versatility in a wide range of materials, Carbide tooth technology provides optimum durability. The introduction of Carbide teeth to The AX™ SAWZALL® Blades takes cutting to the next level. Similar to the original bi-metal version, The AX™ with Carbide Teeth SAWZALL® Blade features the NAIL GUARD™ tooth design. This innovative feature prevents nails from fracturing the blade’s teeth upon impact while an aggressive 5TPI design delivers fast cuts. Ordinary plunge tooth designs can bounce or skate along the work surface. Another innovative feature is the FANG TIP™ design which bites into the wood on first contact making the cut virtually effortless. A pair of unique, fang-like teeth and an extra-large gullet deliver plunge cuts with ease. The combination of these features will allow users to cut through a wide range of standard and abrasive materials without sacrificing the life of their blade. As the leader in cordless technology, MILWAUKEE® engineered these blades for cordless efficiency. By optimising the geometry of each and every carbide tooth, MILWAUKEE® is able to deliver a cutting solution that provides more cuts per charge. With the launch of The AX™ with Carbide Teeth SAWZALL® Blades, MILWAUKEE® again shows continued commitment to delivering innovative accessory solutions to save time and increase productivity on the job site. All MILWAUKEE® SAWZALL® Blades are proudly Made in the USA. Features

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