Milwaukee 16-92mm Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaw Set For General Purpose - Holedozer - 19 Piece

Milwaukee 16-92mm Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaw Set For General Purpose - Holedozer - 19 Piece

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Product Details

MILWAUKEE® HOLEDOZER™ Bi-Metal Holesaws feature RIP GUARD™, the strongest tooth form in the industry and are backed by a limited lifetime tooth break warranty. The RIP GUARD™ tooth break warranty is a first for the holesaw industry. Each HOLEDOZER™ tooth is reinforced with more steel behind the cutting edge for added strength. Each tooth contains 8% cobalt providing longer life in the toughest applications. This permits increased productivity, along with continued hole quality and accuracy. HOLEDOZER™ Holesaws also feature the PLUG JACK™, an all access slot design that increases the speed of plug removal. PLUG JACK™ provides access lower into the holesaw for thick material removal. It also provides additional access closer to the teeth for removing thin materials. With multiple positions to apply leverage and better plug access, PLUG JACK™ increases productivity and eliminates wasted downtime between holes. HOLEDOZER™ Holesaws are proudly made in the USA. Features RIP GUARD™ Tooth Form - With Limited Lifetime Tooth Break Warranty , PLUG JACK™ - For Faster Plug Removal , Bi-Metal with 8% Cobalt Teeth - For longer life, Includes 15 x HOLEDOZER™ Bi-Metal Holesaws, 16 mm (5/8"), 20 mm (25/32") (x2), 22 mm (7/8"), 25 mm (1") (x2), 32 mm (1-1/4"), 40 mm (1-9/16"), 51 mm (2") (x2), 54 mm (2-1/8"), 64 mm (2-1/2"), 76 mm (3"), 89 mm (3-1/2"), 92 mm (3-5/8"), 2 x Arbors with HSS Pilots Bits, 14-30 mm Arbor, 32-152 mm Arbor, 2 x HSS Pilot Bits (Additional), Hex Wrench, Plastic Storage Case,

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