Makita 185mm 70T Tct Circular Saw Blade For Metal Cutting - Specialized

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The MAKITA® SPECIALIZED Metal Cutting range of Circular Saw Blades is designed to cut ferrous metals faster and cleaner. With specially formulated carbide, combined with a special tip design which resists breakage on impact, these blades last longer when cutting mild steel, sheet, pipe, channel and threaded rod. MAKITA® SPECIALIZED metal cutting blades not only cut quicker and cleaner, they will outlast traditional abrasive discs up to 30 times. The specially formulated carbide teeth are precision ground for fast clean cutting, low sparking and minimal swarf production. They provide cool cuts with burr free edges and a reduced cost per cut. Specifications Blade Diameter: 185 mm (7-1/4"), Bore Diameter: 20 mm, Kerf Thickness: 1.7 mm, Blade Thickness: 1.3 mm, Tooth Count: 70T, Tooth Hook Angle: -10°, Tooth Configuration: FTG, Maximum RPM: 5,800, Machine Suitability Corded Handheld Cold Cut Saws,

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