Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Whether you’re a hobbyist, fixer-upper, or absolute beginner, Graco’s DIY Series sprayers deliver amazing results.|Recommended use on indoor and outdoor home improvement projects like ceilings, sheds, decks or fences.|Includes SG2 Metal Spray Gun, RAC V 515 SwitchTip, 25 ft. Duraflex paint hose, Pump Armor storage fluid, PowerFlush adapter, Quick Start-Up Guide and Operation Manual.|Larger Tips available for spraying heavier coatings.


Flexible Suction Tube to insert directly into 4 or 20L paint containers.|Includes convenient cart, ideal for exterior applications.|Adjustable pressure controls.|Power flush to connect to garden hose, making cleaning fast and easy.|.017" tip.|7.6m hose length.|10.4kg.

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