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Certain hard surfaces (think driveways, asphalt, concrete, brick and stone) may require more intense cleaning to get the job done. While you could use a 0° (pencil jet) spray nozzle, that method can be very time consuming. Kärcher's Turbo Nozzle takes a 0° nozzle and rotates it at high speed, giving you the effective cleaning power of a pencil jet but with a wider area of cleaning. This greatly speeds up the task of deep cleaning hard surfaces. Fits Kärcher and most other brands of pressure washers rated up to 4000 PSI. Quick Connect. Not for use on delicate surfaces. Specifications: Compatible Machines: G 2700, G 3000, G 3000 K, G 3500 OHT, G 3800 OHT, G 4000 OH, G 2600 VH, G 3000 OH, G 3050 OHC, G 3200 OC, G 3200 OCT, G 3200 OH, G 3200 XC, G 3200 XH, G 3500 OCT,

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