Karcher K3 Full Control Car, Home & Deck


Karcher K3 Full Control Car, Home & Deck
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Designed for domestic use, the Karcher K3 Full Control Car, Home & Deck pressure cleaner is perfect for cleaning cars and outside areas of your home such as decks and pavers. Packed with extensive car cleaning accessories such as a wash brush to remove grey film and a foam jet that offers effective dirt-dissolving power, this device provides you with a quicker, more convenient way of keeping your ride spotless. The home kit includes a T 150 surface cleaner and 500mL of Patio and Deck detergent designed for thorough and splash-free cleaning. Enjoy maximum control by adjusting the pressure levels to match the needs for each surface in your home using the spray gun display. The Karcher K3 Full Control Car, Home & Deck is designed to give you immaculate results every time.Car kit includes a wash brush, foam jet and 500mL of car shampoo|Home kit includes a T 150 surface cleaner and 500mL Patio & Deck detergent|Maximum 1950 PSI|Offers maximum control and adjustable pressure levels|Features a display on the spray gun for checking pressure levels


Middle-end Karcher pressure perfect for cleaning cars, decks, pavers and outdoor equipment|Includes accessories for car, home & deck cleaning|Max. 1950psi

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