Karcher K2-K7 12M High Pressure Hose Kit With Gun Suit 26439090

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Upgrade set with 12 m high-pressure hose, high-pressure gun and Quick Connect adaptor for the K 2 toK 7 ranges. Suitable for all Kärcher pressure washers manufactured between 1992 and 2017 without a hose reel. This accessory kit also contains, in addition to a 12 metre pressure hose, an ergonomical high-pressure gun and a Quick Connect adapter for the K 2 to K 7. The upgrade set is suitable for all Kärcher high-pressure cleaners manufactured since 1992 (except hose reel machines). Adapter: Simple separation of the pressure hose from the spray gun and device., High-pressure hose: With Quick Connect adapters for quick attachment., High-pressure gun: For ergonomical working., Application Areas: For quick connection and separation of the hose from the device and spray gun, Compatible Machines: G 4.10 M, G 7.10M,

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