Karcher Db 180 Dirt Blaster For K6-K7 26427290

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Dirt blaster with powerful top rotary nozzle for Kärcher pressure washers in class K 7. For particularly stubborn dirt like that on mossy or weathered surfaces. Powerful on very stubborn dirt: the dirt blaster with top rotary nozzle for all Kärcher pressure washers in class K 7. With the rotating point jet and large area performance, even atmospheric dirt, like that on mossy or weathered surfaces, can be removed easily. Rotating point jet - Effective removal even of stubborn dirt on delicate surfaces., Powerful cleaning with high pressure - Targeted cleaning of stubborn dirt., Bayonet connection - Extremely user-friendly., Application Areas: Vehicle cleaning, Removal of stubborn dirt, Cleaning walls/garden walls, Removal of thick moss, Removal of heavy atmospheric dirt, Compatible Machines: G 4.10 M, G 7.10M, K 7 Compact, K 7 Compact Home,

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