Hydrochloric Acid 5L

Hydrochloric Acid 5L

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pH Adjustment in Swimming Pools| Brick Cleaning and Concrete Etching| Industrial processes| Mineral Processing| Metal Preparation| Brick Cleaning and Etching1. Remove lumps of concrete with a scraper. Wet bricks thoroughly with water.2. Mix 1 part Acid with up to 10 parts water.3. Apply Acid solution with a broadbrush and rinse off with water once chemical reaction (frothing) has ended.pH adjustment in Swimming Pools1. Add 100ml of Acid per 40,000L of water to lower pH by 0.1 on the pH scale i.e. 7.9 to 7.82. Run pool pump for at least 1 hour after adding the Acid. Retest and adjust after 8 hours running.REFER TO SAFETY DATA SHEET (SDS) BEFORE USE


Reduces the pH in pool water, improves clarity and improves the effectiveness of chlorine.Cleans and etches bricks and concrete.Metal processing.

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