HB Fuller Fulafoam Fire Rated Expanding Foam 750ml

H.B. Fuller

HB Fuller Fulafoam Fire Rated Expanding Foam 750ml
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Fire resistant polyurethane expanding foam (Appraised to AS1530.4)| Efficient seal against smoke.| High bond strength to most substrates.| High thermal and acoustic insulation.| Does not contain CFC’s or H-CFC’s.| Pink in colour for ease of identification.| Excellent for filling gaps in fire resistant installation of window and door frames.| Fire and smoke resistant sealing of connections between partition walls, ceilings and floors.| Filling of cavities.| Applications where fire resistant characteristics are required such as: sealing of openings in roof constructions, sealing of cable and pipe penetrations, creation of a sound-proof screen.


Fire resistant polyurethane expanding foam filler.| Provide up to 3 hours fire resistance and provides high acoustic insulation.| Will not shrink during curing and will provide an air- and smoke-tight seal.| Cured foam can be cut, sanded, plastered or painted.

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