Gripset Betta Super Primer 4L

Gripset Betta Super Primer 4L

Sold By: Provans Mitre 10


Product Details

Features & Benefits Solvent free alternative to dangerous solvent based and etch primers| Bonds to variety of metals, plastics, glazes, smooth and dense surfaces| Free of dangerous odours| Super adhesion properties| Excellent water resistance| Fast drying| Suitable for internal and external applications| Can be directly covered with Gripset Betta membranes or enhanced adhesives and mortars| Time saving, user friendly and environmentally safe| Uses Metal primer for internal and external areas| Bonding directly to existing tiles without need for removal or grinding| Priming over plastic surfaces| Preparing trowel finished and smooth concrete for adhesives and coatings| Priming over non porous, smooth or shiny surfaces


Super Primer is a specially formulated primer designed for enhancing adhesion onto smooth and dense surfaces. Solvent free and non hazardous, Super Primer displays outstanding bonding properties to metals, plastics and glazed surfaces, avoiding the need for solvent etching or hazardous grinding. Ideally suited for the application of Gripset Betta membrane coatings, adhesives and mortars to enable reliable adhesion to difficult surfaces

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