Gripset Betta Primer Prep Coat Primer And Additive

Gripset Betta Primer Prep Coat Primer And Additive

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Excellent adhesion over general building surfaces.| Fast drying.| Economical coverage of up to 1litre / 8 m².| Can be used as a paint and tile primer.| Compatible with Gripset Betta membranes, tile adhesives, renders and water based acrylic paints.| Improves water resistant and waterproof properties of cement based compounds.| Enhances bond strength in areas subject to moisture, weather, immersion and over non porous surfaces.| Improved crack, frost and salt resistance.| Improved durability and reduces shrinkage.| Prep Coat and Additive is water based, non toxic and solvent free.


Prep Coat Primer is a unique multipurpose 2 in 1 primer and waterproofing additive.| Prep Coat Primer is used as a primer for Gripset Betta membranes to enhance adhesion to general surfaces.| As a waterproofing admixture Prep Coat Primer will improve the water resistance and adhesion of cement based compounds such as mortars, slurries, grouts and cement based adhesives.

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