Gripset Betta Damp Stop Waterproofing Primer 1L

Gripset Betta Damp Stop Waterproofing Primer 1L

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Damp Stop is a unique primer and protective coating that protects surfaces against rising damp and moisture ingress through walls and floors. Designed to protect surfaces such as concrete, masonry and general porous mineral surfaces to prevent the entry of dampness or moisture vapour into the built environment. Betta Damp Stop is one component requiring no mixing, while offering the advantages of being solvent free and odourless.Also suitable as an anti-dust treatment for aged cement floors and dusty cement screeds.


Outstanding adhesion properties.| Suitable for internal, external underground and immersed applications.| Can be sand filled for high build repairs (use dry sand).| Solvent free and odourless safe in confined areas.| Time saving and user friendly.| Colour: Light Yellow.

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