Flexovit Diamond Blade Concrete/Brick 230mm


Flexovit Diamond Blade Concrete/Brick 230mm
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FLEXOVIT® PRO TRADEMAN Diamond Blades are a trade quality, diamond cutting solution for use with Angle Grinders and other Diamond Cutting Saws. Product Description This 230 mm (9") Turbo Diamond Blade is especially suitable for cutting Concrete & Clay Bricks but can also be used to cut stone, pavers and cement blocks. It can be used for both wet & dry cutting. Specifications Blade Diameter: 230mm (9"), Bore Diameter: 22.2 mm (7/8"), Kerf Thickness: 2.5 mm, Segment Height: 10 mm, Blade Configuration: Turbo, Specifications Maximum RPM: 6,650 (80 m/s), Complies with the following standards:, EN 13236 - European Standard, oSa Certified, Recommended PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):, Safety Glasses, Safety Gloves, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Includes Reduction Rings (x1):, 22.2 mm (7/8") to 20 mm,


Sintered corrugated continuous diamond blade.|Extreme long life.|Excellent cutting speed.|Fast cut, very clean edges.|Use for dry cutting.

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