Enforcer Bug Zapper 10w

Enforcer Bug Zapper 10w

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

The Enforcer Bug Zapper - 10W is a compact yet robust bug zapper that’s perfect for small entertaining spaces. The units clever design allows it to be hung or placed on flat surfaces. Its vertical grid means dead bugs drop directly into the unit’s catcher tray. It features a power saving 10W UV lamp housed in a weatherproof casing. The lamp has been optimised to a peak light output at a wavelength of 365nm in the UVA band. Mosquitoes and other light attracted pests are naturally attracted to this wavelength. Attracted pests include mosquitoes, moths and midges – pests that are most active from dusk till dawn.


200m2 coverage Attracts and zaps insects Weatherproof with 5000 hour lamp Removable insect tray with brush Self-cleaning vertical grid

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