Eclipse One Handed Bar Clamp Mini 150mm 75kg

Eclipse One Handed Bar Clamp Mini 150mm 75kg

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Compact size for light duty operation| Protected release trigger prevents accidental clamp release| Spring loaded quick change push button for switching between clamp and spreader. | No bolts or twist mechanisms to lose or come loose.


Easy one-handed operation.| Reversible jaw converts to spreader.| High carbon steel bar resists twisting.| Reinforced nylon body.| Clamping force 75kg.

Care Instructions

If left in the elements, damp or high humid environments the bar may become rusted. The bar should not be oiled or otherwise lubricated as the clamp relies on friction between the bar and clamp mechanism. For cleaning use a damp cloth or degreaser and thoroughly dry

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