Dunlop 4 Litre Damp Proof Waterproofing

Dunlop 4 Litre Damp Proof Waterproofing

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Dunlop Damp-Proof Waterproofing is an acrylic brush-on membrane that will prevent rising damp, efflorescence and will resist negative hydrostatic pressure. It has excellent adhesion to most substrates including brick, masonry, concrete block, concrete, stone and timber and is simple to use by brush or roller. Dunlop Damp-Proof is safe to use and can be over coated using almost any decorative paint. Dunlop Damp-Proof can be applied to damp surfaces and freshly laid hardened (green) concrete and conforms to the Building Code of Australia as a waterproof membrane.


Prevents raising damp, efflorescence, negative hydrostatic pressure.|Apply to damp or new concrete.|Easy to use, brush on to required thickness.|Conforms to the Building Code of Australia

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