Debco Multi-Purpose Premium Potting Mix 40L

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The Debco Multi-Purpose Premium Potting Mix 40L is an excellent potting mix for both indoor and outdoor plant varieties. It contains a wetting agent which ensures nutrients get to the root zone for optimal growth and plant health. It is designed to be controlled release which distributes nutrients only as plants need it, and it also includes trace elements. This 40L value pack feeds for up to 3 months, making this a great option for anyone with a green thumb. Suitable for growth in pots, baskets and boxes, this is a versatile potting mix which provides convenience for you and ensures your plants, vegetables, shrubs and trees get all the nutrients they need.Distributes nutrients as plants need it for up to 3 months|Excellent water retention which helps prevent over watering |Wetting agent ensure nutrients and trace elements get to the root zone|Seaweed fertiliser promotes biological activity in the soil|Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants


40L value pack.| For indoor and outdoor plants.| Controlled release fertiliser containing trace elements.| Contains wetting agent.

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