Crescent Wiss Aviation Snips Offset Right Cut

Crescent Wiss Aviation Snips Offset Right Cut

Sold By: Provans Mitre 10


Product Details

Cuts low carbon, cold-rolled 18 gauge steel.|Non-slip, serrated jaws of tough molybdenum steel hold material firmly and spread cutting force uniformly across blade edge.|Offset blades keep hands clear of metal.|Cuts straight lines and right arcs.|High-speed vibratory finish provides excellent blade durability and a consistent, high-end aesthetic.|Non-slip comfort grips provide superior control and comfort.|Non-Slip Textured Grips and Safety Latch for Superior Control.|Compound cutting action handles materials as hard as 18 gauge carbon steel.|Effortless cutting and superior durability from the valve-grade steel return spring.|Precision cast blades with automated CNC ground edges and serrations.


Cuts right and straight.| Offset blades keep hands clear of metal.| The non-slip serrated jaw of molybdenum steel for compound lever action.| Withstands strain of cutting heavy stock and tight curves.

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