Crescent Wiss Auto-Retracting Safety Utility Knife Wkar2


Crescent Wiss Auto-Retracting Safety Utility Knife Wkar2
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The Crescent Wiss Auto-Retracting Safety Utility Knife retracts automatically when cut is complete, even if slider is in forward position. This feature cannot be overridden under normal use, reducing workplace injuries. This knife accepts all standard utility knife blades with a quick blade change, and comes with three black-oxide coated blades. Blade Retracts Automatically the Moment it Loses Contact with the Material Being Cut – Even if the User is Still Holding the Blade Slider Forward in the 'Open’ Position, Helps Reduce Workplace Injuries, Lowering Lost Time and Increasing Productivity, Accepts All Standard Type Utility Knife Blades, Quick and Easy Blade Change, Includes Three Black Coated Blades, Blade storage compartment in the handle holds additional blades,

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