Crescent Lufkin Folding Ruler 1m

Crescent Lufkin Folding Ruler 1m

Sold By: Provans Mitre 10


Product Details

Lufkin products are trusted the world over, and this sturdy folding bevel edged, 1 metre, 4 fold, rule is no exception.Featuring clearly marked metric readings, the Lufkin Folding Rule folds up to a convenient handling size, but extends to a massive 1 metre. Built from quality materials, with smooth operating hinges, the Lufkin Folding Rule is a trusty ally on-site or around the home. 1 metre length, 4-fold, White, Clear marking, Metric,


Made of Tough, Durable, Engineered Plastic.|Hard Wearing Measure with Easy-to-Read Markings.|Ideal for Tradesmen, DIY and Professional Users.|White Bevelled Edge Rule with Black and Red Markings.

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