Crescent Lufkin 1200mm 3 Vial Big Boss Spirit Level + Bag Lbbl120


Crescent Lufkin 1200mm 3 Vial Big Boss Spirit Level + Bag Lbbl120
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$ 90.95
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Over-size centre bubble ensures clear and easy reading, Dual line on bubble for 1'' slope feature. Great for setting/measuring run off, Double milled surface ensures accuracy, 3 Vials 1 x 180'' and 2 x 90'', Highly accurate with 0.5mm/m accuracy, The hanging hole has a ''no slide'' feature which protects the face of the level and prevents sliding, Dual colour rubber grips for control and comfort, Rubber end caps protect the level against damage from bumps and drops, Includes nylon carry bag to protect the level,


Oversize Centre Bubble Ensures Clear and Easy Reading.|Dual Line on Bubble for 1 Degree Slope Feature.|Great for Setting/Measuring Run Off.|Double Milled Surface Ensures Accuracy.|3 Vials, 1 x 180 Deg. and 2 x 90 Deg.

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