Cowdroy PVC Perimeter Door Seal White

Cowdroy PVC Perimeter Door Seal White

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Attaches to the door frame via self-adhesive backing tape. May also be nail fixed if necessary - optional nails included.| The addition of a perimeter seal helps improve door seal efficiency.| Self-adhesive backing makes this seal perfect for steel and aluminium door jambs.| Seals against draughts, dust, insects, rodents, cold and noise.| Co-extruded PVC and rubber.| White.


A perimeter seal set for door frames.| Suits single and double hinged doors - inward and outward opening.| For door frames up to 2100 x 1000mm.| Optional nails included.

Care Instructions

Gently wipe with warm soapy water

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