Cowdroy Anodised Weatherproof Door Seal Clear

Cowdroy Anodised Weatherproof Door Seal Clear

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Rubber part of seal and aluminium drip-strip both screw-fix beneath the door while the tread plate fixes to the bottom sill or floor.| The 3-piece seal creates a tight fit making it ideal for doors exposed to heavier conditions.| Perfect for entry doors and carpet areas.| Seals against draughts, dust, insects, rodents, cold, heat, noise and rain. Aluminium drip-strip and tread plate along with an extruded rubber seal.| Clear anodised.


A weather-proof, 3-part, bottom-of-door seal with tread plate. Suits single & double hinged doors - inward opening.| Seals gaps of 22-25mm.| For doors up to 915mm wide.

Care Instructions

Wipe with warm soapy water

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