Cigweld Castcraft 100 Assorted Size Pack Welding Electrodes 322217

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Maintenance Welding of Cast Irons, Lime Fluorspar / Graphite Coating, Soft, Ductile Nickel Deposit, Easy starting and Stable Running on Portable 240V Welding Machines, Smoother Weld Deposit Surface Finish, General: Castcraft 100 is a basic, graphite coated electrode manufactured by CIGWELD for the repair and maintenance of a wide range of cast iron components.(Core wire is made up of 98%Ni), Applications: Of Castcraft 100 include the repair and reclamation of engine blocks, cylinder heads, differential housings, gear boxes, pump and machine housings and cast iron pulleys etc., Process: (MMAW), Size: 2.5 mm, Pack Type: Packet, Pack weight: 0.5kg,

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