Cigweld 316L-17 Stainless Steel Electrodes Assorted Size Pack 322215

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Rutile Type, Stainless Steel Electrode, Outstanding Operator Appeal, Now with Improved Slag Lift, All Positional (except vertical down) Welding Capabilities, Advanced Moisture Resistant Flux Coating, Hermetically Sealed Ultra-Seal Vacuum packs, General: Satincrome 316L-17 is a low carbon, Rutile type stainless steel electrode manufactured by CIGWELD for the all positional (except vertical-down) fillet and butt welding of 19Cr/10Ni type stainless steels, Applications: General purpose welding of "300 series" austenitic stainless steels including 301,302,303 and 304/304L, 305, 3CR12 types., Process: (MMAW), Size: 2 mm, Pack Type :Packet, Pack Weight: 0.5kg = 1 Packet,

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