Cartia Cazz 3 Taphole Vanity 900mm

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Minimalist in style but big in functionality, the Cartia Cazz 3 Taphole Vanity 900mm boasts extra storage space as well as two additional holes which are ideal for installing both a hot and cold water handle options. This glossy white vanity sink is designed with two doors and three drawers for lots of space for organising bathroom essentials like towels, toiletries and medicinal products. Featuring a top constructed from sturdy SMC material and finished with a kicker to keep pipes out of sight, it's built to look good in any kind of bathroom and offers maximum durability for long lasting use. The convex sink shape and bounce drain filter also keeps water from overflowing to avoid any spills on your bathroom floor. Durable SMC constructed top with no overflow| Fitted with two doors and three smaller drawers for storage space| Designed with three tap holes and a kicker to hide pipes| Glossy white paint| Convex sink with a bouncer drain filter to prevent water overflow| Dimensions: H850 x W900 x D460mm


H850 x W900 x D460mm| High gloss painted| 2 doors and 3 draws| SMC top with no overflow| 3 tapholes| With kicker 

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