Cartia Avoca 2 Door Shaving Cabinet 750mm

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The Cartia Avoca 2 Door Shaving Cabinet 750mm features two mirrored doors and two glass shelves to give your bathroom a luxurious look. With an elegant yet practical design, the two glass shelves are adjustable, giving you a sense of choice and personality within your shaving cabinet. This cabinet also features two finger pulling grips to ensure the exterior looks sleek and the interior feels modern. It is also spacious, with the dimensions of 750W x 150D x 700H – ensuring all your belongings can fit in and still remain within arm’s reach. The shaving cabinet is also waterproof, keeping the exterior and interior intact and dry. The soft closing doors feature clip off hinges, giving the doors are sturdy grip yet enabling them to be removed when needed.Spacious and modern, with a waterproof design|Soft closing doors help prevent damage to the cabinet and structure of the doors|The two shelves are adjustable for personalisation options|Smooth, finger pulling grips under the doors make it easy to open and use|Dimensions: 750W x 150D x 700H


750W x 150D x 700Hmm.| 2 x finger pull mirrored doors and 2 x adjustable glass shelves.| Assembled.

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