Bosch 8.0 X 120mm Tct Multi-Purpose Drill Bit - Multiconstruction

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BOSCH® CYL-9 MULTICONSTRUCTION™ TCT Multi-Purpose Drill Bits are the perfect drilling solution for users needing to drill through a wide variety of materials, sometimes in the same application with a single bit. MULTICONSTRUCTION™ Drill Bit tips are made of highly durable carbide blend specially designed and manufactured by BOSCH®. The blend is adapted to meet the needs of repeated use and offers high wear resistance when working with concrete but also in other building materials. As an added benefit, CYL-9 MULTICONSTRUCTION™ Bits can be used in both Impact and Non-Impact modes in Corded Non-Impact & Impact Drills, Cordless Drill/Drivers & Impact Drill/Drivers. Also available are 1/4"-Hex Shank HEX-9 MULTICONSTRUCTION™ Individual Bits and Sets which are suitable for use with Impact Drivers. Specifications Diameter (D): 8.0 mm, Working Length (L1): 80 mm, Overall Length (L2): 120 mm, Shank: Cylindrical, Material Suitability Concrete, Masonry, Bricks, Multi-Layer Materials, Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Sheet Metal, Aluminium,

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